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Perry Theatre/Perry 3 is located in Perry, Florida and serves these rural counties in north Florida:
Taylor, Dixie, LaFayette, Jefferson, Madison, and Levy.

The theater was built about 1979 according to the architectural drawings and was originally a Floyd Theater. The building has three movie cinema rooms, (#1 seats 108, #2 seats 125, #3 seats 125), and an additional activity room called the HUB, which seats about 90 people. The HUB is used for LIVE entertainment, social events, and educational programs and presentations. Both the cinema #1 room and the HUB room possess a stage for live events.

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our mission

Develop, promote, and support the cultural and performing arts industry in the region.
Provide opportunities that encourage artistic expression through participation in live theatre, music, film, and other art forms.
Produce and present, independently or in concert with other institutions or individuals, theatrical productions, pre recorded media, and other events of a similar nature for the cultural enrichment of the community.

the benefits

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People are drawn to the arts not for their instrumental effects, but because the arts can provide them with meaning and with a distinctive type of pleasure and emotional stimulation. The arts connect people more deeply to the world and open them to different ways of seeing and experiencing the world. These intrinsic effects are satisfying in themselves, but many of them can lead to the development of greater individual capacities and community cohesiveness that are of great benefit to society.

Socially and emotionally, theater participation plays an important role in the development of teenagers. Educationally, writing a script for a monologue or play is an effective way to teach students about the English language and creative composition.

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Numerous studies show many students exhibit improved academic performance and test scores; improved basic skills, such as reading, mathematics, creative thinking, as well as improved attitudes and skills that promote the learning process itself, particularly the ability to learn how to learn.

Participation, whether as a performer or a spectator, is great fun as well!!

our staff

Larry Schmidt
Executive Director, Events and Advertising Manager

Teresa Schmidt
Secretary, Community Public Relations, Outreach Coordinator
Marketing and Advertising Media

Rick Patrick
Theatre Workshop Instructor

Renee Pace
Web Site Administrator

programs wish list

We have a great desire to start a number of other art programs here at Perry 3. Some of the most beautiful art work is done as still life, including photography. There are a number of career opportunities in this field.

We know there are many fine artists in our community. Won't you consider sharing your talent and become a workshop instructor?

If you possess talent and experience in any of the following areas, and have a desire to present a workshop, contact us!
Acting, Singing, Creative Writing, Film, Painting, Drawing, Photography, etc..

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